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A year under the sign of passion and desire awaits you. The year 2017 rhymes with professional revolution, you have all the cards in hand to finalize what you started in 2016.

=====HEART SIDE=====
**1st decan (21 to 30 March)**
From 4 to 19 February. Venus, the planet of love walks in your decan then bachelor or couples optimize this beautiful sentimental configuration, love you more, love you better. From 29 April to 14 May, the goddess of the heart has you in her small papers, you are the chosen one of the zodiac in love, everything goes for the best during this period. From the 6th to the 14th of July, there is movement in your sentimental life, happy events, pleasant contacts, new friends see more affinities. Communication is fluid with your loved ones, it's time to declare yourself and formulate what you have to say. From August 27th to September 3rd, station at the thunderbolt. You are a good example of an impulsive and passionate lover, you are not the kind to turn around the pot. You are cash in love, it is your trademark.
From the 15th to the 22nd of October, there is talk of conjugal harmony, of amorous balance, it is up to you to surf the sentimental wave. Let yourself go, let yourself be loved by the encounters, Cupid knocks on your door so do not turn a deaf ear. Happiness does not wait, open it. From December 2 to 9, you are all but a solitary lover, your sex appeal is captivating. You will not be alone to celebrate the New Year. There are conquests in the air ...

=====2nd decan (March 31 to April 9)=====
From February 20 to March 14, Venus, the planet of love, is stationed in your decoration and invites you to trifle. It is not you who will decline his invitation. For two or solo, enjoy the celestial gifts. From the 15th to the 26th of May, if you are a couple, it is about passion, to inflame you as on the first day. If you are single, [[ Venus offers you a helping hand]], you have every chance to make a meeting. Multiply the outputs and accept all the proposals, you will not regret it. From 15 to 22 July, "Love triumphs over everything." Said Virgil. You agree with this maxim, you know that everything is possible in love and you give yourself the means to achieve your ends. From 4 to 11 September, astral zoom on your couple, if you have experienced a period of tension with your partner. The heavenly wheel turns on your side. The cosmos speaks to you of love, and still of love. You understand yourself perfectly with your half, you are simply in phase with each other.
From 23rd to 30th October, the couples are going through a phase of climbing, you do not leave a sole, the passion is seen at 100 per hour, 24 hours a day. You need to be together more than one, Habit and you hover well above the level of the sea. From December 10 to 17, your libido titillates you, the wind of sensuality blows on your side, enough to warm your sleeping ardens. With two, your nights are shorter than your days, solo, a story one evening maybe.

=====3rd decan (10 to 20 April)=====
From 15 March to 3 April, Venus, the planet of love, walks in your decan. It is a question of a blooming of your sentimental life, the couples ignite while the bachelors give way at the first thunderbolt. You're hot boiling right now. From May 27th to June 6th, there is talk of encounters, potentialities, contingencies, and bachelors enjoy life to the full. If you ask for more love, more tenderness, more caresses, your desires will be fulfilled, the cosmos has you to the good. From 23 to 31 July, single hearts take full advantage of this hyper-relational period, communication is facilitated by the cosmos. This is the time to go in search of your ideal partner, you have good guns in hand, the right words and a ease of adaptation tip top. From the 12th to the 20th of September, you are not cold on the sentimental level. You are capable of everything for the noble love cause. Don Juan in your hours, you have the taste for conquest. Rejoice, the cosmos rallies to your sensual cause.
From October 31 to November 7, "The pleasure of disputes is to make peace," said Alfred de Musset. Sometimes it hits you, you want to do free provocation just to have the pleasure of reconciling yourself with your partner. Do not go too far anyway, otherwise, you will provoke a dispute very useless. From December 18th to 25th, a one-to-one trip would do you the greatest good, it is a sweet and pleasant period to find yourself with your half under other latitudes.
What’s even more surprising, LG is not alone in its extremely cautious strategy. Lenovo seems determined to wait for a while too. Lenovo doesn’t have much presence at the mobile market in general but seems to be following the widespread trend and be shifting to a new activity. Luckily, it has got some clue from LG and hold on a bit.
According to the latest rumors, the company has put off its plans to deliver a tablet and is determined to wait for a more tablet-friendly iteration of the Android OS to come out. In general, the enterprise is going to deliver a tablet 4-5 months after the release of the tablet-friendly Android version. Such wording is quite a tricky one as allows the company some room for maneuver. The next Android iteration is to be at the end of the year but nobody would bet that it is the best one for tablets. Moreover, according to Google’s representatives, it is the next one, [[ Honeycomb]] which suits best for these needs. So, the first Lenovo tablet is to be unveiled somewhere next summer providing Google meets promised milestones and deadlines and releases the tablet-friendly iteration in time.
However, such cautious strategy may well turn out to be a winning one. Lots of netizens following Jobs’ critical remarks are sure that the Galaxy Tab is dead on arrival due to many reasons. First of all, because of using a platform iteration not suitable for tablets, secondly, due to a very small screen size – just a bit bigger than that of a regular smartphone and, thirdly, due to the price which many users condemned as unreasonable and unbelievable given the mentioned drawbacks.
=====Our projects.=====
Our last project is android app for [[ MyAmplifiers]]. This company is a leader in sale gsm boosters and accessories for cell phones. [[ Read about gsm booster here]].
It is unclear what will become of all of that. Maybe, all the tablets using the current Android iteration will fail and those waiting for Honeycomb will vice versa win and be a success. But Samsung is not the only one in its break necking intention to deliver a tablet running Froyo this year. Toshiba has done the same, though its tablet is much bigger – about 11 inches – and will use its own online app store not relying on what has already been built by iPhone developers in our company.
So, the situation with the Android tablets is quite a misty one. There are lots of rumors and even more different suppositions as to what will happen in this or that situation. Google is not determined to give out any more precious information which would clarify the matter. Unfortunately, its own position is also clear. No doubt, the company wants to deliver its own tablet and thus is creating obstacles for others. Not a very sportive manner of behavior but at the same time it’s not unusual at the market where there are no friends just temporary allies.

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