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D.H. Lawrence Among Women

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Programme of the annual D.H. Lawrence International Conference, to be held in Nanterre, 9-11 April 2015.
Venue :
Room 216, V Building, UFR LCE, for Thursday 9 and Friday 10 April.
Room R 14, V Building, UFR LCE, for Saturday 11 April


This conference is organized by the Centre de recherches Anglophones of Paris Ouest University (EA 370) in partnership with the Centre de recherche Textes et Cultures of Artois University, and with the support of the UFR Langues et Cultures Etrangères (LCE) in Nanterre.

THURSDAY 9 APRIL ( Building V. Room 216. Second floor) 9 a.m. Welcome and registration

Neil ROBERTS (University of Sheffield) The Emergence of Paul and Gertrude Morel
Kirsty MARTIN (University of Exeter) “For it was the old grief come back in her” :
D.H.Lawrence and Post-Natal Depression.
Elise BRAULT-DREUX (Université de Valenciennes) De-gendering the “grannies” ?
Nora STOVEL (University of Alberta) Widows Confront Husbands in Lawrence’s Drama and Fiction :“Odour of Chrysanthemums” and The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd


Howard BOOTH (University of Manchester) D.H. Lawrence and the Lesbian Body
Brigitte MACADRE (Université de Reims) “It’s astonishing how Lesbian women are, consciously or unconsciously. Seems to me they’re nearly all Lesbian.” : Sisterhood, female friendship and Lesbian relationships in some of Lawrence’s fiction
Jacqueline GOUIRAND (Université Lyon 2) Women in Love in the Rainbow
Benjamin BOUCHE ( Paris Ouest University) Meeting a Woman, an Impossible Desire ?
Catherine BROWN (New College for the Humanities) Lady Chatterley’s Lover in 2015 Extracts from the TV film.

FRIDAY 10 APRIL (Room 216)


Michael BELL (University of Warwick) ’Vive la différence : A Note on Sexuality, Gender and Difference in Lawrence.’
James PHELPS (University of Zululand, South Africa) ‘The great relationship, for humanity, will always be the relation between man and woman” : Evolutionary Considerations of D. H. Lawrence.
Eliott MORSIA (Royal Holloway, University of London) Lawrentian “Superfluities” as Feminine Reprisal from the Formalist Squeeze of Constructivism
Joan PETERS (University of Hawaii) Woman’s Empowered Text : Focalizing the Metaphysic in Lawrence’s Major Novels
Shirley BRICOUT (Université de Montpellier) D. H. Lawrence and the Medusa : the Bible, Mythology and Quarrelling Couples in the Leadership Novels.


Holly LAIRD (University of Tulsa) Differences Among Women in D.H. Lawrence’s Poems
Fiona FLEMING (University Paris Ouest) Lawrence’s Female Travellers
Athanasius A. AYUK (Université de Maroua, Cameroun) Strong Women, Weak Men in D.H.Lawrence’s Work
Marina RAGACHEWSKAYA (Minsk State Linguistics University) Cocksure and Hensure Women in Women in Love
Joseph SHAFER (University of Warwick) Lawrence’s Non-Apologetic Apologia : Apologies Among Women


Jane COSTIN (Independent Scholar, The Battles of the Kates : Sexual Politics and The Plumed Serpent
Andrew HARRISON (University of Nottingham) D. H. Lawrence, the Adelphi and
‘The Ugliness of Women’
Helen WUSSOW (Simon Fraser University, Canada) Male without Female : The Staminate World of D.H. Lawrence and Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Lee JENKINS (University College, Cork) Wilful Women : Lawrence’s Three Fates, and Georgia O’Keeffe
Keith CUSHMAN (University of North Carolina) D. H. Lawrence and Dollie Radford


Jonathan LONG (Independent Scholar) D.H. Lawrence’s Female Correspondents : a First Study of His Correspondence With Them
Nick CERAMELLA (Independent Scholar) “Vive les femmes ! e la stagione inglese !” Rina Secker, Lawrence’s Discrete Muse
Susan REID (Independent Scholar) Femmes fatales : D. H. Lawrence’s Muses and Music
Sarah KATRIB (Université de Strasbourg) The Feminine Ideal in Lawrence’s novels