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Teaching Assistant
Agrégation in English (2010)
PhD student at the Université Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle
Title of the Thesis: « Les livres de caractères anglais au XVIIe siècle : de l’anatomie morale au portrait littéraire »

Undergraduate Teaching 2014-2016
Anglophone Studies Department:
First Year - Literature, Translation, Grammar
Applied Languages Department:
Second Year and Third Year - French to English Translation, English to French Translation, Written Comprehension

Undergraduate Teaching 2013-2014
Applied Languages Department:
Second Year - British and American Civilisation, French to English Translation, Oral Practice and Phonology
Third Year - Written Comprehension, French to English Translation

Research Topics
Early Modern British Literature and History
Book History and Urban History
History of Sciences and History of Medecine


« Casting Characters in the Dark Ink of Melancholy : Figures of Dissent and Imprisonment in Seventeenth-Century Literature », Études Épistémè [Online], 28 | 2015. URL : http://episteme.revues.org/756
Article following the conference « Melancholia(ae). The Religious Experience of the Disease of the Soul and its Definitions in the Early Modern Period : Censorship, Dissent, Self-representation » organised by the research group EMoDir, Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice, December 2013.
« ‘He Onely Reades those Charactars, where Time hath Eaten out the Letters’ : du vain compilateur au fin collectionneur », Études Épistémè [Online], 27 | 2015.
URL : http://episteme.revues.org/466
Article following the conference « Curiosités et Vanités en Europe XVIe et XVIIe siècles », Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 (PEARL-PRISMES, EA 4398, Epistémè) and Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (CREA 370, Quarto), December 2012.
« ‘Mises en abyme’ and Satirical Descriptions : ‘Characters’ of Writing and Writers in Seventeenth-century England », Études Épistémè [Online], 21 | 2012. URL : http://episteme.revues.org/407

Selected Papers

« French Suits and the Fashioning of Standard English-Pattern Packs : Understanding the Playing-Card Device in Samuel Rowlands’s Series of Knaves », Epistémè (PEARL-EA 4398 PRISMES) and CEMM-NET (Centre for Early Modern Mapping, News and Networks) Workshop, Queen Mary University and Victoria & Albert Museum, London, December 2014.
« Order and Subversion in Seventeenth-Century English ‘Character-Books’ : Classified Types and Overwhelming Mobile », Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, New York City, March 2014.
« Beyond Vice and Virtue : Moral Contradictions in Seventeenth-Century London ‘Characters’ », Birkbeck Early Modern Society Annual Student Conference, University of London, February 2013.
« ‘In a Word, he is the Suburbs of a Poet’ : how ‘Characters’ Surveyed, Satirized and Hit the Streets of London Towne », Print Networks Annual Conference, Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester, July 2012.

Other Activities and Research Projects

Participant in the Young Researcher Project « Early Modern Objects: Literature and Material Culture », Epistèmé, EA 4398 PRISMES, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (2014-2015)
London Rare Books School Workshop on « The History and Practice of Hand-Press Printing 1450-1830 », Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London (July 2013)
Coordination of a presentation by painter and engraver Erik Desmazières on his engraved illustrations of Thomas Browne’s Musaeum Clausum at the « Curiosités et Vanités en Europe XVIe et XVIIe siècles » Conference, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, December 2012.


Translation from French into English of an article by Barbara Lemaître, « Jeff Wall beyond the borders of the medium. Photography, history painting and the cinema of the living dead », Cinema & Cie., International Film Studies Journal, n°25, 2016.

Translation from English into French of a text by Clinical Wasteman, « An Exchange for Fire », for the projection of a film of the same title by Anja Kirschner and David Panos (2014).

Translator and interviewer for All Tomorrow’s Parties / ATP Production for the launch of Jim Jarmusch’s feature film Only Lovers Left Alive (2014).

Book Review

Mary-Nelly Fouligny and Marie Roig Miranda, Les Proverbes dans l’Europe des XVIème et XVIIème Siècles : Réalités et Représentations, Nancy, Université de Lorraine, 2013, review published in Renaissance Studies, The Society for Renaissance Studies and John Wiley & Sons Ltd, June 2014.

Contact: claire.labarbe@u-paris10.fr

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