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Time, Temporalities, and D.H.Lawrence

3-5 April 2014

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This conference will take place at the University of Paris-Ouest-Nanterre. It is organised by the Centre de Recherches Anglophones of this university in partnership with the “Texts and Cultures” Research Centre of Artois University.

As a writer of novels and stories, Lawrence’s art is a creative working of the constraints proper to narrative prose. Like music, the novel is, aesthetically, a time form. Unlike music, it explicitly aims to produce a symbolic form that is the figurative emplotment (Paul Ricoeur) of lived experience in the social circumstances of a particular time. Lawrence the novelist, astute worker of the well-worked but by no means exhausted vein of the “great traditional” technique of the English novel is an area to be considered.

As a modernist writer, Lawrence is to be considered in terms of the aesthetic response to an epoch of crisis in European culture. Whether located in England or in the unfamiliar world “abroad”, the stories and novels can be read as a modernist Janus-like exploration of a time of crisis and mutation, a time busily going about its rational enterprise of modernization while the tutelary figure of the writer keeps elegiac watch over the body of a world in the process of being lost. Lawrence the modernist, experimenting the modes of writing through which to figure an epoch of mutation will be addressed.

As a writer of poetry, Lawrence attempts to capture in words the miracle of the phenomenological world. To achieve such a disclosure, the poem must afford an access to the ecstatic now of present being. The poems are thus the “other” of the corpus of prose : an intimation of a different mode of temporality, as if in lieu of the time of routine mundane engagement there might be a time of absolute, singular revelation, not to be recollected or capitalized upon, not to be spun into a binding yarn of narrative.Lawrence the poet of ecstatic momentary disclosure, Lawrence the anti-novelist, will be considered.

As a writer of speculative essays, as a post-Victorian sage, Lawrence is also a “philosopher of history”. As such he is easily catalogued : a late romantic, a writer grappling with the coercive linearity of the western conception of time. Lawrence’s conception of time and history may also be a theme of reflection for the conference.

Participants are invited to submit proposals dealing with the achievements of an artist whose impatience with the established social and aesthetic forms fuels an engagement with the contingent temporal conditions and with time that is of the essence, or that is more than of the essence, no more easily to be shuffled off than is the « mortal coil » of our bodies.

The consideration of Time and Temporalities in D.H.Lawrence may imply the following topics :

Deadline for proposals :15 November 2013. Please send a 200 word abstract to Ginette Roy ginette.katz.roy@gmail.com

Organising Committee : Cornelius Crowley, Stephen Rowley, Ginette Roy

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