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Etudes lawrenciennes n°43. 2012

A New Sensitive Awareness

Mis en ligne par : Ginette Roy . Mise à jour: 11 février 2013.

Simonetta DE FILIPPIS, Erotic Images and Structures of Feeling, The Challenge of D. H. Lawrence.
Laurence STEVEN, Sensitive Awareness and Spurious Feeling : Lawrence the Reviser and Lady Chatterley’s Lover.
Erik MARTINY, Colour Emblematics and Chromotherapeutic Emotion in the Paintings of D. H. Lawrence.
Barbara L. MILIARAS, D. H. Lawrence’s Apocalyptic Anger.
Sarah BOUTTIER, The Way to a Fish’s Heart : Non-Human Emotion and Emotional Tone in Birds, Beasts and Flowers.
Marina RAGACHEWSKAYA,The Logic of Love : Deconstructing Eros in Four of D.H. Lawrence’s Short Stories.
Nina HARITATOU, Emotion and the Unconscious : The Mythicization of Women in Sons and Lovers.
Jane COSTIN, Lawrence’s “Best Adventure” : Blood-Consciousness and Cornwall.
Maria Cristina CONSIGLIO, The Englishman Who Rode Away : D. H. Lawrence ““translates” Italy.
Natalya REINHOLD, “Going to Lawrence for feeling” : A Study of “The Princess.“
Magali ROUX, Emotions and Otherness in D. H. Lawrence’s Mexican Fiction.
Nicholas GROWSE, Lawrence and the Ideology of Emotion
Alfie BOWN, Losing the Self : Transgression in Lawrence and Bataille