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Etudes lawrenciennes n°41. 2010

Subversion and Creativity

Mis en ligne par : Ginette Roy . Mise à jour: 11 février 2013.

Bethan JONES, Nettling Authority : Lawrence’s Reaction to Censorship in his Late Poetry.
Sheila CHOUDHURY, The Hand of the Law and Censorship.
Michael BELL, Law and the Novel : D. H. Lawrence and Robert Musil.
Cornelius CROWLEY, Lawrence and the Antinomian Thrust in Modernism.
Kyoko Kay KONDO, Via negativa : Lawrence and the Language of Romanticism.
Noëlle CUNY, (R)evolutionary fears and hopes in The White Peacock.
Keith CUSHMAN, Lawrence, Blair Hughes-Stanton, and the Cresset Press Birds, Beasts and Flowers.
Brigitte MACADRÉ,Perspective and Distortion as Modes of Representation of Power and Rebellion in D.H.Lawrence’s “Introduction to these Paintings”.
Marija KNEŽEVIĆ, Towards the “sacred responsibility of “authority” : D. H. Lawrence’s Kangaroo.
Leo SALTER, Lawrence and the Environment ; the Poetics of Honesty and Despair.
Carl KROCKEL, Creating a History : The Case for Lawrence as a Civilian War Writer.
Matthew MCNEES, Langston Hughes Discovers D.H. Lawrence : The Armenian and Other Examples of Influence
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