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Etudes lawrenciennes n°40 2008

A Plurality of Selves and Voices

Mis en ligne par : Ginette Roy . Mise à jour: 11 février 2013.

Peter PRESTON, Roman Power : Politics in Sketches of Etruscan Places.
Natalya REINHOLD, The Dictator/Dictatrix : An Essay on Lawrence’s Views on Cultural History.
Oliver TAYLOR, Letters of the Law : Lawrence’s Revisions of Bertrand Russell’s Principles of Social Reconstruction.
Juliette FEYEL, D.H.Lawence and the Nietzschean Notion of Will to Power.
Marina RAGACHEWSKAYA, The Political and the Psychological in Kangaroo.
Milena KOVACEVIC, The Logic of the Soul and the Power of the Self.
Jacqueline GOUIRAND, Power, Will and the Phallic Order in “The “Fox” and “The Ladybird”.
Elise BRAULT, A Powerful and Powerless Poet and Prophet.
Carla COMELLINI, Power as an Incentive to Lawrence’s Creativity.
Helen BARON, The Use of Dogs to Express Power Relations in Emily Brontë, George Eliot and D.H.Lawrence.
Beatrice MONACO, Lurid Colour in D.H.Lawrence’s St Mawr.
Book Review.