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Etudes lawrenciennes n°39

A Plurality of Selves and Voices 2008

Mis en ligne par : Ginette Roy . Mise à jour: 11 février 2013.

Keith CUSHMAN, Middleton Murry, Catherine Carswell, and the Boundaries of Memoir.
Earl INGERSOLL, A Singular Response to Sexual Ambiguity : Lawrence’s Friendship with E. M. Forster.
Natalya REINHOLD, The Plurality of Selves and Voices in D. H. Lawrence’s Early Writing : Trespassing the Boundaries.
Gerald DOHERTY, Farewell to Romantic Ontologies, Sex, Sacrifice and the Animal Body in D.H.Lawrence’s The Trespasser.
Elise BRAULT, The Lawrencian poetic I : a voice “with(out) a “mask“ ?
Oliver TAYLOR, A strange, unstable equilibrium” : the “shifty “devil” of self and place in the Letters.
Elizabeth FOX, Andre Green’s The Dead Mother and D.H. Lawrence’s “The Rocking- Horse Winner”.
Neil ROBERTS, « Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield and Free Indirect Discourse.
Stefana ROUSSENOVA,« The Subversion of Seriousness in Women in Love.
Shirley BRICOUT,« “0-1-2” : Monologism vs. Dialogism in the Political Discussions with Willie Struthers and Kangaroo.
Brigitte MACADRÉ, « From Fragmentation to Unity, from Plurality to Singularity : a Futurist Approach to Lawrence.
Jacqueline GOUIRAND, « John Thomas and Lady Jane on Screen.
Nicola CERAMELLA, « Lawrence and the Changing Side of the Triangle – the Gamekeeper – in the Chatterley Novels.
Marija KNEŽEVIĆ,« Changing Perspectives in Sea and Sardinia.
Matthew MCNEES, « A Prolegomena to the Intertextual Study of D. H. Lawrence and Rainer Maria Rilke.