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Etudes lawrenciennes n°38 2008

The One and the Many

Mis en ligne par : Ginette Roy . Mise à jour: 11 février 2010.

Michael BELL, Lawrence on the One and the Many :"Reflections on the Death of a Porcupine."

Leo SALTER, Lawrence, Newton and Einstein.

Beatrice MONACO, Lawrence’s Univocity.

Milena KOVACEVIC The Notions of Reality and Unreality in D.H. Lawrence.

Kyoko KAY KONDO, The Influence of Eastern Initiatory Rites in Women in Love

Dimitar ANGELOV, A Heterogeneous Identity : The Case of the Etruscans.

Stephen ROWLEY, How to be Black and Blue - or, Shedding Darkness on the Construction of “Bavarian Gentians.”

Magali ROUX, Split Identities in D.H. Lawrence’s Writings of the Mexican Period.

Noëlle CUNY, Dissolving and Reconstructing Meaning in The Lost Girl

Marina RAGACHEWSKAYA, Couples and Doubles in Women in Love

Peter PRESTON, Hamlet, Amblet and Amleto:Lawrence’s Singular and Plural Dane.

Keith CUSHMAN, Snake, Snakes : At the Water-Trough /In the Silverware Drawer.

Helen BARON A Trio of Triangles : the Role of Individuals and Triangles in Relation to Death in Lawrence’s Trilogy.

Carla COMELLINI, From the Individual to the Universal in D.H. Lawrence’s Poetry and Narrative.

Laurence STEVEN, Revising "The Spirit of Place."

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