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International D.H.Lawrence Conference: Language and Languages.

25-27 March 2010

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Call for papers

The purpose of this conference is to bring attention to Lawrence’s specific use of language and foreign languages, even if at a theoretical level, he preferred to write about artistic "utterance","effort at expression", or "voice" rather than language. He was working on his first novel when he declared : "I must flaw my English if I am to be anything but a stilted, starched parson. How can I be wilful and whimsical in good English ?" (L I 51 13 May 1908). At the other end of his career, in his "Nettles", he satirized those who censored him for his daring use of what he called an "honest and healthy English tongue" : Oh mince your words and mince them well/if you don’t want to break the sweet English spell" ("My Native Land"). In prose as in poetry, he always tried "to break the stiff neck of habit" (Introduction to the American edition of New Poems). Like many expatriate writers of that period, he peppered his various writings with foreign words, thus enriching his range of stylistic effects.

We invite contributions on the following themes :

- Lawrence’s idiosyncratic use of English (vocabulary, word combination, unusual syntax, compound adjectives or metaphors, stylistic problems, use of dialect, obscurities, incommunicability, untranslatability etc.)
- Lawrence and the Words of Others (perception of other languages, inclusions of foreign words in his various works and function of these inclusions, range of vocabulary, clichés, contamination of English or his English by other languages, reflection on or practice of translation, foreign languages and otherness, stereotypes etc.)

Proposals for papers should be submitted by e-mail before November 15th to Ginette Roy roy@u-paris10.fr. Please, send a short abstract.

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