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International D.H.Lawrence Conference, 26-28 March 2009

"The logic of emotion"

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Organizing committee : Cornelius Crowley, Stephen Rowley, Carol Veit, Ginette Roy

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Centre de Recherches Anglophones CREA 370

Bât. K, et Bât. B salle des colloques le samedi.

JEUDI 26 MARS, matin.

- Howard BOOTH, University of Manchester,UK. "Emotion, Desire and Inhibition in the Early Short Fiction."
- Dimitar ANGELOV, University of Warwick, UK. "Undoing the Realist Image : The Anti-Logic of Affect."
- Marina RAGACHEWSKAYA, Minsk State linguistics University, Belarus. "The Logic of Love : Deconstructing the Eros in Lawrence’s Short-Stories."
- Jacqueline GOUIRAND, Université Lyon II, "Eroticism and Emotion : An Approach to Being in Love in Some Scenes of Lawrence’s Novels."
- Simonetta DE FILIPPIS, Università dei Studi di Napoli ’L’orientale,’ Naples, Italy. "Erotic Images and Structures of Feeling."

JEUDI 26 mars, après-midi.

- Keith CUSHMAN, Greensboro, USA, "’We have to hate our immediate predecessors’ : Lawrence and Galsworthy."
- Peter PRESTON, University of Nottingham, UK. "Logic and Emotion in Lawrence’s Late Literary Criticism."
- Bethan JONES, University of Hull, UK. "A Rhetoric of Emotion : Lawrence’s Late Essays and Articles."

- Kirsty MARTIN, Oxford University, UK." ’A Deeper Sense’ : Sympathy in the Work of D.H.Lawrence."
- Jane COSTIN, University of Exeter, UK, "Lawrence’s Best Adventure. Blood-Consciousness and Cornwall."

ATELIER 2 (K 202)
- Nina HARITATOU, Newcastle University, UK. "Emotion and the Unconscious : The Mythicization of Women in Sons and Lovers."
- Yeosun PARK,University of Sheffield, UK. "Place and Feeling in Sons and Lovers"

VENDREDI 27, matin.

- Neil ROBERTS, University of Sheffield, UK. "Is Lawrence Moving, and Does it Matter ?"
- Michael BELL, Warwick University, UK. "Le Coeur a ses raisons.Logic and the Emotions."
- Barbara MILIARAS, Lowell University, USA. "Apocalyptic Anger and Political
Despair in Women in Love and Aaron’s Rod."
- Juliette FEYEL, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre. "Literature against Philosophy."
- Divya SAKSENA, Middle Tennessee State University, USA. "’The Fallacy of Understanding’ : D. H. Lawrence’s Emotional Logic in Fantasia of the Unconscious and Apocalypse."
- See-Young PARK, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea. "Lev Shestov’s Groundlessness in D. H. Lawrence, Gilles Deleuze and Georges Bataille."

VENDREDI 27, après-midi.

- Elise BRAULT, Université de Valenciennes. "Emptying, Filling in and Fulfilling : An Illogical Representation of Emotions."
- Carla COMELLINI, Università di Bologna, Italy. "Italy as a Source of Emotion in D.H.Lawrence’s Poetry and Narrative."

- Maria Cristina CONSIGLIO, University of Bari, Italy ; "The Englishman Who
Rode Away : D.H. Lawrence in Italy."
- Milena KOVACEVIC, University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. "The Living Fruit."
- Sarah BOUTTIER, Université Paris 3."The Way to a Fish’s Heart : Non- Human Emotion and Emotional Tone in Bird, Beasts and Flowers."

ATELIER 2 (K202)
- Nick GROWSE, Université Paris 3. "The Ideology of Emotion."
- Olga DESIDERIO, Università di Salerno, Italy. "The Flowing of Emotion : Sentiment and Ressentiment in The Trespasser."
- Juan Tomás Matarranz ARAQUE, Raimundo Lulio, Madrid, Spain. "Silence and Emotion : D.H.Lawrence’s Constraints."

SAMEDI 28, matin

- Oliver TAYLOR, University of Durham, UK. "Logic and Emotion in Lawrence’s Early Letters."
- Carl KROCKEL, Seoul National University, South Korea. "The Truth of Emotion : Problems in Reading Lawrence’s Fiction as Testimony."
- Kay KONDO, Chiba University, Japan." Abstraction and Emotion in Study of Thomas Hardy."
- Brigitte MACADRE, Université de Reims. " The Illogical Logic of Emotions in Women in Love."
- Shirley BRICOUT, University of Montpellier. "The Ritualization of Emotions in Quetzalcoatl and The Plumed Serpent."
- Natalya REINHOLD, Russian State University for the Humanities, Russia. "The Logic of Emotion in ’The Princess’."

SAMEDI 28, après-midi.

- Magali ROUX, Toulouse. "Emotion and Otherness in D.H. Lawrence’s Mexican Writings."
- Marija KNEZEVIC, University of Niksic, Montenegro. "The Logic of the Narrative and its Emotional Impact".
- Laurence STEVEN, Laurentian University, Canada. "Sensitive Awareness and Spurious Feeling : Revising Lady Chatterley’s Lover."
- Erik MARTINY, Université d’Aix-en-Provence "Colour Emblematics and Chromotherapeutic Emotion in the Paintings of D.H.Lawrence."

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