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Etudes lawrenciennes N° 37, 2007

Shift, Movement, Becoming

Mis en ligne par : Ginette Roy . Mise à jour: 23 novembre 2007.

- ELIZABETH FOX, Metaphors of Movement, Vitality, and Deadness in the Essay on Franklin.
- STEPHEN ROWLEY, Flash, Sparkle, Flicker : the Dynamics of the Lawrentian Creative Act.
- Michael Bell, Lawrence and Deleuze : de faux amis ?
- MAGALI ROUX, Lines of Flight and the Dynamics of Creation in D.H. Lawrence’s The Plumed Serpent.
- BEN WOOLHEAD,“The Tremble of Space” : Structured Absences and the Flight from Semantic Stasis in Women in Love.
- JACQUELINE GOUIRAND, Lady Chatterley’s Lover : Motions and new emotions.
- GREGORY F.TAGUE, Ursula’s Stone and Connie’s Body : A Glimpse of Bakhtin’s Great Time in D.H. Lawrence.
- VIOLETA SOTIROVA, Shifts in Point of View : From Paul Morel to Sons and Lovers.
- OLIVER TAYLOR, Lawrence and Merleau-Ponty : Movement, Perception, and Rapport.
- MARIJA KNEŽEVIĆ and ALEKSANDRA NIKČEVIĆ-BATRIĆEVIĆ, The Symbolism of Ascent and Shifting Narrative Technique inWomen in Love.
- MARINA RAGACHEWSKAYA, The Sense of Becoming and Initiation in D.H.Lawrence’s Short Novel The Man Who Died.
- BRIGITTE MACADRÉ, Images of the Androgyne in The Rainbow and Women in Love, or Exploring the Third Sex.

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